On June 16th, 10 start-ups who are partners of Bouygues Construction were invited to the headquarters of the Group to present their innovations. The challenge? To introduce themselves in turn in just one minute! Even though the ticking of the clock turned up the heat, the exercise paid off for the representatives of the different start-ups, who then spent more time with staff around their stands. The goal? To encourage the deployment of these innovative solutions for Bouygues projects. Check out the photos of this approach, which marks the launch of Bouygues Construction’s Open innovation policy!

Who are these start-ups, in just a few words?

Stimergy recycles heat from data centres to supply buildings with energy.

Redbird collects, analyses and processes data on large areas (construction sites, quarries …) through a fleet of unmanned drones.

Intent Technologies designs the equivalent of Google Android® for residential buildings, in order to aggregate data from equipment and users to improve both residents’ quality of life and building operations.

HotBlock Onboard uses heat flow sensors to collect heat generated by human activities (transportation, buildings …) and convert it into electrical energy.

SolDating brings together applicants and issuers of unpolluted soil through a mobile geolocation-based “land exchange” application.

MyCloud3D develops several 3D digital model modelling and distribution solutions.

Nethis sells cameras which enable users to see through matter and thus to inspect and check the materials used in buildings.

EREIE designs, manufactures and installs high efficiency heat pumps for grey water heat recovery.

WinMs provides monitoring and diagnosis services for all types of cables.

Crosslux develops transparent photovoltaic glass designed to provide auxiliary energy to buildings.
Agathe Ducellier

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