We discovered them during the Start-up Minute when they had one minute to win us over. Now they are preparing themselves for another exercise in style: revealing themselves without giving too much away. Our latest series gets the start-ups to pass a personality test!

Our latest feature takes a glimpse into the world of Intent Technologies, a start-up making a name for itself in the connected building market, with Benjamin Ulrich, co-founder and CEO since its creation in 2011.

Intent Technologies connected building data platform

If your start-up were a colour what would it be?

Green, because it symbolises hope. Digital technology has a role to play in improving the day-to-day lives of individuals, as our slogan, “Use digital for a better daily living”, suggests. It isn’t too dissimilar to your own signature phrase, “Shaping a Better Life”! It’s also the colour of the character on our logo, Bildin (meaning “building” in Haitian Creole), who embodies our desire to have technology serve the human life.

If your start-up were an animal what would it be?

It would be a cheetah. It is both the fastest animal and extremely astute for the hunt—in our sector we are running a race where you need to be able to adapt constantly to the environment.

How do you define innovation?

There are two types of innovation: one involves improving that which already exists in order to achieve greater efficiency or set yourself apart from your competitors, and then there is breakthrough innovation which goes hand-in-hand with creating new markets and providing new opportunities for creating value. It is important to focus on both these approaches, which is exactly what we do at Intent.

Which proverb represents the spirit of your start-up?

“The art of success consists in knowing how to surround yourself with the best” (John Fitzgerald Kennedy). This beautiful quote from a great man is for us the key to success!

If your start-up were a historical figure, who would that be?

Given that we work in the digital field, I’ll be ordinary, but the two people who have most inspired us are Larry Page and Steve Jobs, the founders of Google and Apple. They genuinely succeeded in creating a new industry based on digital technology and our ambition is this: to succeed in the monetisation of building data among all players.

Are your teams more tea or coffee?

Both! Starting up a company is like running a marathon. Our employees need to have entrepreneurial spirit, and these beverages are vital in order to provide such an extraordinary investment.

What is a typical day in your start-up like?

There’s no such thing as a normal day at Intent—every day is different! This is a real asset for our employees who, due to the diverse range of our contacts, are frequently on the move—a lot in France, more and more abroad.

If you had to describe Bouygues Construction in one word what would it be?

A benchmark in our sector for the quality of the company which, despite its size, has managed to remain highly entrepreneurial in its many areas of expertise. We currently have around ten projects almost initiated with a number of entities within the Group.

You had a go at the exercise of an oral presentation in one minute; now can you have a go at a written presentation in 140 characters?

Intent Technologies is the first connected building data platform which allows data to be shared between different players within the ecosystem, individuals and professionals alike.

What are your next big events?

Our main news is our development at an international level—in June we ventured for the first time into London and have set up one of our employees there. We are continuing to strengthen our position on the French market with a number of key accounts in the sector and we have just been accepted onto “Pass French Tech“, a programme run by bpifrance to identify companies with high growth potential.

Find out about the next start-up on the blog next week. Until then, if you would like to find out more about Intent Technologies just click here.

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